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Soma Board Therapy


During a Vibrasonix sound therapy session, you’ll be given headphones and asked to lie down on the board while you enjoy your choice of healing tones as well as a hand and foot massage (optional).

The Soma board supports and guides the body into symmetry and balance whilst inducing a deep state of relaxation similar to Yoga Nidra, which triggers the bodies healing response. Equipped with a vibrating speaker, it allows for the transmission of sound and vibration. Music and healing tones will resonate with the Somaboard and move as a sonic wave through the liquids of the body. It balances your bodily functions, rejuvenates your cells, clears your mind, helps you to tune in and enter into a deep relaxation (meditative state).

Sound travels five times more efficiently through water than air and the human body is over 70% water.

I honestly think this is the best massage

therapy I've ever had. I opted for the Soma board experience, which induced a deep state of relaxation, perfectly preparing the mind and body for the Ayurvedic massage.

Michelle is obviously highly experienced, and her knowledge of pressure points is second to none. I didn't even know these pressure points existed! Michelle makes you feel so at ease, explaining everything clearly and checking in re pressure. She also creates a super, super zen environment. I'd recommend breathing in sync with her movements to get even more out of them! I'd highly recommend Michelle and will be back for another session in no time.

Lara Piras

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