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Ayurvedic Massage

A rejuvenating, holistic full body massage with warm Ayurvedic herbal oils and Calamus powder. Ayurvedic massage is perfect for reducing both mental and physical tension, aches and pains. This rhythmic massage uses a variety of techniques, including marma point stimulation (vital energy centres) to enhance skin tone, detoxify and revitalise your entire body, and to induce deep relaxation.

The use of Calamus powder mixed with a little oil, helps to draw toxins from the body. The scrubbing and stimulating feeling awakens the skin, blood circulation and senses. An invigorating and intensely relaxing experience.

"I had the most amazing Ayurvedic massage by Michelle at Mind Like Water Wellbeing. Everything from the set up to the special touches such as healing music, essential oils and Tibetan singing bowls really makes you feel like you have stepped into another world and leaves you feeling completely relaxed and rejuvenated. Thanks Mind Like Water. Highly recommend!"

Taryn Jacoby 

Went along for this massage on the off chance a friend handed me a flyer and I booked without much forethought. Thank Goodness I did. I will be a regular now. This was the best, most thorough, holistic massage I've had! It was more than a massage it was a complete experience and somehow dispensed of that feeling you are on a timer and feel that anxiety of "must relax before it's over" which I sometimes get when indulging in a massage treatment. I can't recommend this enough.

Victoria Byrne 

Available in Seven Sisters N15 

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