"I can’t think of another treatment as absurdly relaxing as this".

Rhik Sammader

"To say that this has been my best massage ever is an understatement! I felt completely relaxed and couldn't even muster one word, to the point where Michelle asked if I was ok! I would highly recommend this if you just need to relax, reset your mind and find your balance again! Life changing stuff!"

Chanel Cochrane 

"Michelle's massages are like a dream you never want to stop. Every time I leave her place I feel calm and reset from her intuitive style of therapy. Combining sound and massage makes this a unique treatment that I will keep returning for again and again. Thank you!"

Melissa Maouris 

"One of the best massages I have ever had. Such a healing, calming energy and listening to some of Michelle's binaural beats in my session was the cherry on the top. Really powerful 11/10. Excellent Christmas present to yourself or friends and family."

Natali Shaked 

Mail On Sunday October 5th 2019


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