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Photograph by Brenna Duncan

"I can’t think of another treatment as absurdly relaxing as this".

Rhik Sammader

I just wanted to say the hugest THANK YOU imaginable for last nights magical sound bath . I am 70 & have travelled extensively in India & have been privileged to have had many sound baths and yours, without a shadow of a doubt have been the most healing & powerful and thats without YOU even being present !!! The 5 friends I I traduced were equally blown away ,have all slept wonderfully well & have woken energised & feeling great . 


This was my second time, however this time I felt every single sound/vibration running throughout my entire body. I can not put into words how beautiful this last hour has felt! Please hold another again soon :) Much Love x”


"One of the best massages I have ever had. Such a healing, calming energy and listening to some of Michelle's binaural beats in my session was the cherry on the top. Really powerful 11/10. Excellent Christmas present to yourself or friends and family."

Natali Shaked 

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Mail On Sunday October 5th 2019

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